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UQAM President Kennedy Building UQAM President Kennedy Building UQAM President Kennedy Building
CRSNG June 19th - July 1st 2005 (Dates to be confirmed)
UQAM, President Kennedy Building
201 President Kennedy Avenue
Place-des-Arts Metro

For the fifth year in a row, the Camp will be held at UQAM. Participants are primarily prizewinners of the Quebec Mathematics Contest, on the CEGEP level.

For about twelve days, they have the chance to meet with mathematicians and people who use mathematics in their work. Every day, one or more lecturers presents a topic that they take interest in. Participants have occasions to share an unforgetable experience with more than twenty other mathematics enthusiasts. They also have acces at all times to UQAM's computers. Every day, a different theme will be dealt with, and open activities are offered for the weekend.

We wish to thank these organizations without which planning the Mathematics Camp would be impossible.

Responsible for the Mathematics Camp: Pierre Bouchard
E-Mail :
Phone : (514) 987-3000, ext. 3210
Fax : (514) 987-8935

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